About MHI

Modern Hygienic Industry is a venture that aims to provide high quality hygiene products both for babies and adults alike.

Affordability, availability, and reliability are the key features of all of our products and our goal is to attain consumer satisfaction.


An Innovation in Babies’ Products

Snappies’ diapers are simply your baby’s first love as they protect their skin from allergies and rashes, and are extra comfortable due to their soft, elastic bands.

Why Choose Snappies?

The environment friendly material used in our products make them more hygienic and their capacity to hold moisture make them perfect for a playful day and a peaceful night’s sleep.


A Brand You Can Trust

Rompers is making its mark as a top baby diaper brand in Pakistan that features highly permeable material, allowing the moisture to soak right through and lock it in.

Why Choose Rompers?

If you want to keep your baby’s soft skin dry and free of rashes, Rompers is the way to go.

Story & Mission

Modern Hygienic Industry is an idea aligned with the growing needs of hygiene products of the country. The objective of MHI is to produce disposable diapers for babies and adults along with sanitary napkins. We aspire to maintain a quality and standard that satisfies our consumers and enables us to expand our horizons.